Do It Yourself Solar Power – My Story

Hey Glen here,

If you’re looking for a complete guide to do it yourself solar power, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading….

Note: This is my story, howerver you can click here to see how I cut my energy bill by building my own solar panels.

Because this is my story and how I’m able to get renewable solar power to work for me, I’m going to share everything with you. My ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work and finally the thing that did help me build a working diy solar power system.

I’m, by all accounts, an average guy. I’m a husband and father that likes to tinker with small projects in my spare time like many guys do. I’ve always been intrigued with renewable energy. The thought of harnessing the sun or wind (which is free to everyone) to help minimize my family’s energy consumption, save money and improve the environment at the same time is great.

It kills me every month paying so much for my electric bill (remember I have kids) that I’ve thought on many occasions how nice it would be if the electric company would pay me for electricity.

Anyway…the fact is, with how the economy is and the effects dirty energy has on our environment, I wanted to learn more about how renewable energy, specifically solar power, works.

I, like many of my visitors, set out to research solar energy online. I got to tell you…. I came across many websites with great information about solar energy but nothing that was helpful in learning how to “harness” solar energy. I did learn bits of information here and there and tried to apply it, unfortunately I didn’t realize the information I was learning was incomplete.

The sad thing is, I almost came to the conclusion that generating solar energy was probably something only experts could do or figure out. I almost gave up until I stumbled across this program.

It was everything I was looking for. I wanted a do-it-yourself guide that would take me by the hand (step by step) and teach me exactly how to generate power with solar energy. It really needed to be thorough training, with explicit details and instructions, pictures and diagrams because that is the best way I learn.

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To be honest…I was shocked at how easy it was and how inexpensive it is to build my own solar panels. I didn’t realize that most of the materials you need, you can get from your local hardware store.

Now the downside… at first I wasn’t interested in buying a product to learn this information since there appeared to be so much information online for free.

But after sifting through hundreds of websites with incomplete information, then figuring how much research time I was going to save, I decided it would be worth the investment especially since they offered a money-back guarantee. As it turned out, for me, it was worth every penny.

I am now saving money on my total electric bill every month. It won’t be long before the electric company is paying me for electricity, which will really make me feel good.

I’ve been coming up with all kinds of exciting new ideas and applications (big and small) to do with my new solar power knowledge to the point my wife makes fun of me.

What I think is really cool though, is I’ve been able to get my kids to help me on these projects which teaches them a few things about our natural resources and helping the environment.

Over all I’ve been very pleased to learn how easy it is to make my home more efficient and save money at the same time while using free renewable energy. If you too want to learn how a couple of solar panels can have a huge impact on your electric bill, I’d recommend checking this site out. I’m very glad I did.

If not, then I wish you well and hope you find the answers you need to enjoy the benefits of renewable solar energy. God bless.

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